Check YOUR Genetics

Some things to consider in MAXIMIZING YOUR OWN POTENTIAL!

The following terms have been used to describe individual genetic tendencies towards a body type. The definition given here lacks detail for the purpose of simplicity. Each individual is often a combination of types and focusing on the terms as genetic predispositions does not take into account eating and activity habits of the individual.

ECTOMORPH: Tendency towards thinness.

MESOMORPH: Tendency towards muscularity.

ENDOMORPH: Tendency towards excess body fat.

What about your family? How do they rate in relation to body type? Also, is there a history of "obesity" in your family or any other health concerns. Remember "obesity" refers to someone who is significantly above what is an individual's suggested BMI (Body Mass Index).

Body Mass Index: An estimate of healthy weight based on height, bone structure and other weight affecting factors. The intention of the index is to take into account the genetic diversity of human beings.

Muscle: Recall muscle has a higher density than fat therefore will weigh more and in the cases of competitive body builders may exceed the recommended BMI.

Scaled weight can be deceiving and not reflective of body shape or health.

Also, an important consideration is internal health in relation to external health. Our bodies tend to have a "Pre-set" composition. In other words, each of us has a tendency to remain within a certain "weight range" through life given no extreme affecting variables (i.e. excessive overeating, illness or other conditions).

"I wish I looked like " STOP WISHING!!!

Do Your Own Research:

  • Determine your body type (s). Look at your family in relation to body types as well as eating and exercise habits. Realize your genetic tendencies and maximize yourself.

  • Select an individual you admire (be it athlete, etc.) that seems to match your genetic tendencies. See if you can discover what they do: activities, training and diet.

  • Assess your genetic match to your goals. Some of us are just not built to excel at certain things.

"For example, based on my genetics and therefore body type tendency I would not make a great long distance runner (I wouldn't excel at marathon running)."

Note: If you have any questions or concerns these will be addressed as part of your consultation and continued 4 - 6 week plan.

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