What does your 1 month membership include?:

  • Body type assessment
  • Realistic goal setting based on individual genetic potential
  • Current nutritional analysis
  • Individualized nutritional planning
  • Current activity level evaluation
  • Individualized activity planning
  • Access to articles relating to overall "wellness"
  • Information and recipe sharing
  • Links to related sites
  • Ongoing online communication regarding process (questions and answers)
  • Support group network where you can talk to fellow members (planned)
  • Identification and location of fitness clubs, gyms, etc. in your area (planned)
  • Access to before and after images (planned)

Each program is ideally suited for a 4 to 6 week duration of gradual, individualized changes. At the conclusion, a reassessment is suggested. Continued full support is offered at a reduced rate of initial consultation.

Membership Fees:
Initial Consultation (including 1 month membership access):
$50.00 plus GST
Payable to TCR Body Tech (cash or money order)

Reassessment Fee:$40 (incl. GST)

Continued Membership Rate (monthly):
$40.00 plus GST

Payable to TCR Body Tech (cash or money order)


ICE Weight Trainer Evaluation including exam
Fee $85.00 incl GST

Bodybuilding prep - diet, posing, routine, expectations
Figure Prep - diet, posing, routine, expectations
Fee $40 incl GST per session (1 hour)

Workshops to be announced when available

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